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Pub in Negaunee, Michigan. People talk about adult beverages, beer and band. See reviews and recommendations. A spur is a metal tool designed to be worn in pairs on the heels of riding boots for the purpose Iron or bronze spurs were also used throughout the Roman Empire. The spur also existed in the medieval Arab world. Early spurs had a neck that.

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Inductees into the American Order of the Spur receive gold-coloured usually brass spurs if they have earned their membership through combat, or silver-coloured usually nickel spurs if they have not seen combat, but complete a rite of passage. Spurs are worn with the tip of the neck pointed downward, sitting on the spur rest of the riding boot , if there is one, with the buckle of the spur strap worn on the outside of the foot.

Spur styles differ between disciplines. Spurs for western riding tend to be heavier, often decorated, and have rowels that rotate.

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The neck of western spurs is usually longer and the rowel wide in diameter, to accommodate the leg position of the western-style rider, where the stirrup is adjusted long, and the heavy leather used for the saddle 's fenders and stirrups places the rider's leg a bit farther from the horse. Spurs in English riding tend to be very sleek, slim, and conservative in design, with a shorter neck, as the saddle and leg position is closer to the horse.

They usually have a rounded or blunt end.

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Rowels are not as popular as the plain blunt end, although some types include a rowel or smooth disk on the end. When used in sports requiring finesse, such as dressage , the spur's purpose is not to speed up the horse, but to give accurate and precise aids in lateral and complex movements, such as pirouettes, travers , and renvers , and the airs above the ground. Dressage riders tend to ride in Waterford- style spurs with a rounded knob at the end.

Conversely, show hunter and jumper riders may use a flatter end to encourage forward movement, such as the Prince of Wales design. Another type of modern spur is those used on motorcycles. They are characterized by rowels worn as foot jewelry, hung off of boots. They can be similar in appearance to spurs worn by equestrians.

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Their bright material attracts motor vehicle drivers to the presence of motorcyclists, especially to their feet where riders are most vulnerable when stopped in traffic. They are also awarded by motorcycle clubs. The spur is a refined tool, designed to allow the rider to transmit very subtle signals to the horse that are nearly invisible to any other observer. No matter the discipline, it is important that a rider has a correct position before using spurs, with a deep seat, legs lengthened to the extent allowed by the stirrups , heels down, with knees and thighs rolled in so that the rider has a solid base of support.

A swinging or unstable leg may inadvertently jab the horse with the spur as the rider sits, thus irritating, harming, and frightening the horse, and chronic misuse may deaden it to the leg aids.

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Improper use may also provoke dangerous or undesirable behaviors such as bucking or running away. Spurs are rarely used in sports such as horse racing , where the rider's leg is not significantly in contact with the horse. Most spurs are activated by the rider flexing the heel slightly up and in. A roweled spur permits an additional type of action; a rider can roll the spur lightly against the side of the horse rather than being limited to simply pressing inward. The exception to the use of spurs in a subtle fashion is in the rodeo events of bull riding and saddle bronc and bareback riding , where the rider is required to spur in an elaborate, stylized fashion, touching the horse or bull at every stride.

This requirement is designed to resemble the behavior of old-time horse-breakers, who would deliberately provoke a horse to buck. In modern times, riders are required to use spurs in a manner that is merely encouraging a horse that is already predisposed to buck; they are not to produce pain. Spur design and use is strictly defined by rodeo rules, spurs are dull, and rowels must turn freely. In fact, the way spurs are to be used in bucking events generally makes it harder for the rider to stay on; in bareback bronc competition, the spurs must be above the point of the horse's shoulder at the first jump and remain forward at all times, deliberately creating a very awkward position for the rider that requires both strength and coordination to stay on the horse.

In saddle-bronc competition, the rider must make a full sweep with the spurs from shoulder to flank with each jump, requiring great concentration, and any error in balance puts the rider in a position to be quickly unseated. Bull riders are allowed a position that is the closest to that of classic riding, they are not required to spur the bull, but if they choose to spur, may do so with their legs down in a style that resembles a normal riding position.

Spurs are divided into men's, women's, and children's, according to width which must fit on the heel of the rider's boot. Many competition rules limit the length of the neck. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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