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I won't invest in part 3 just as gross as part one but only purchased because someone recommended submission is not my thing but being a dom is. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate?

Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Sergei tells Sasha he knows about Vasya. Next, Sasha and Vasya finally get to talk. She tells him everything she can starting from when Sasha left their family, including how their father is dead after protecting Vasya. That night, Vasya dreams of the Bear and then Morozko appears. She surprises him by grabbing his cloak and pulling him close. She asks why he came. He says he agrees, and then he vanishes.

Sasha begs Sergei to send Rodion to them with word if they find the elusive captain. Both seem a little suspicious. Katya, the oldest of the three girls Vasya rescued, tells her the men are saying they must lie together as payment for everything Vasya has done for her. She is sad and scared but resigned about it. They return the children to their village. Vasya gives Katya a dowry for each girl. The group journeys on to Moscow.

Vasya is overwhelmed by the huge, beautiful city. Sasha takes her to Olga. Vasya is supposed to lay low until this is accomplished. At a gathering that night, Vasya sees the man who was the captain of the bandits. His name is Chelubey. She whisks Sasha away to tell him the news. That night, Vasya hears a woman weeping in the hall outside her door.

The next morning, her niece Marya wakes her up. But soon they strike a deal to keep her silent. Marya sees everything that Vasya does, the ghost and the domovoi. They go riding in the city together that morning. A domovoi tells Marya her prophecy. It frightens her, but Vasya cautions her that prophecies can be deceiving. All three Solovey included eat butter cakes and look at horses because Vasya might buy one. Then Chelubey comes along with a troupe of men and recognizes Solovey. He questions Vasya about it and realizes she recognizes him, too. He says he wants to buy Solovey. Chelubey assures Vasya he can break Solovey.

They block her in. Kasyan rides into the square and comes to her rescue. He helps her keep Marya covered and sneaks her back onto the castle grounds. Olga scolds her harshly. Vasya retorts about how trapped both Olga and Marya are in the castle. Chelubey comes riding near Vasya again. She bets him she can tame the mare he just bought one she had considered buying. If she can ride it, she can keep the horse. The bet is set. She talks to the horse and eventually mounts and rides it. She names the mare Zima.

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He asks if she wants to become a horse breeder. She loves this idea and thinks it over when she takes Zima to get acquainted with Solovey. Kasyan asks why Chelubey recognizes her. Kasyan eventually coaxes her to tell him. He believes her but says they need more witnesses before they take the news to Dmitrii. Vasya will wait a little while to try to find others but not forever. After a long church service, they go to the Maslenitsa celebration.

She tells him they must keep up their lies for now, which she knows hurts him to hear as a monk. Vasya secretly vows to leave on her own soon. She decides to tell Dmitrii about Chelubey that very night. Kasyan hears her starting to tell Dmitrii and interrupts. He challenges Vasya to a horse race in the morning.

She accepts but then turns to tell Dmitrii anyway. Kasyan comes near her, but then Vasya begins to see the other world plainly: She goes to him and has a sense for a second that Kasyan is watching. But then the sense is gone. Vasya invites Morzoko to sit at the table with her. He wants to go for a ride instead. They race through the night on their horses and then stop to talk. Vasya wants him to tell her which path go choose. They kiss for a long time. He wants to tell her something but then just tells her to be wary no matter what path she chooses.

He says he will. Neither of them see the red light streak across the sky. But Kasyan sees and knows what it means and smiles. Kasyan visits Vasya as she is grooming her horse for the race the next morning, meaning to tell her something. It seems like he wants her to go home with him, but he is interrupted twice, the last time by Sasha asking him to leave him alone with Vasya. Kasyan arrives on a golden mare that is no ordinary horse, just like Solovey. Before the race, Kasyan makes a bet with Vasya. If she wins, she gets his mare.

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If he wins, she must marry him. The race is very close. Solovey edges out a win at the end. Dmitrii is stunned and furious. He has Kasyan cut off her clothes so all can see her form for sure. Olga makes sure Vasya is bathed and clothed and fed but is furious with her sister. Vasya apologizes and wants to make it right. Kasyan goes to Konstantin in his cell. He knows the priest both loves and hates Vasya. He gives him a task and promises him vengeance on Vasya if he complies. Vasya cuts her arm with her necklace so the ghost can drink her blood and gain strength.

Wednesdays in the Tower

She finally tells Vasya that she has to run tonight. She tries to buy time. He forces her to kneel before him. Kasyan kisses her and seems to be comparing her to the love he lost. He kisses her and touches her against the wall. She vomits when she leaves the room. As they eat a meal together, Vasya tells her they have to tell Dmitrii about Kasyan and Chelubey.

Olga goes into labor. Vasya goes into the bathhouse with Olga and the midwives. Vasya sees Morozko in the corner of the room. He has come for Olga. Morozko sweeps the women away to a different realm. He tells Olga either she or her baby must die. They sweep suddenly back into the bathhouse, and the baby is stillborn.

Olga tells Vasya to leave. Konstantin the priest is there to perform the last rites. He drags Vasya away. She knees him where it counts and runs away into the night. Morozko catches her out in the courtyard. She begs him to tell her the truth. He gave her father the choice to live or to die for his family, just like Olga. Pyotr made the choice to sacrifice as Olga did. Vasya asks about her tie to him.

He tells her the truth: He needed to be tied to flesh and blood to live and not fade away. She rips the necklace off and gives it to him. She wants to run away. Vasya tells him to let her go, so he leaves. Rodion arrives at the cell the priests are holding Sasha in with news of what he has found. They hear a clamor outside.

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Andrei goes out to see what it is. They have to get into the palace to warn Dmitrii. They sneak around and lift Vasya over a wall. The palace courtyard is in an uproar; Kasyan and his men are already there. She rushes to let Sasha in, but Rodion is already gone. Sasha goes to rescue him. Vasya goes to find Solovey.