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Genetic Crossing Over: Definition & Concept

Written by Wayne Kramer. Upon looking at the cover of the DVD case, I was quite skeptical about how good this movie really is. It seemed like it would be sub-par because of the fact that Blockbuster sponsored its release to DVD. Anyways, I popped the DVD in.

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I am a big fan of the character of Amid in this film. His emotions were real and his performance during the hold-up scene in the Korean Convenience store was suspenseful and emotional.

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I felt some connections to Crash; with all the interconnectedness between the characters. Despite the cool and intriguing effect of the relationships between the characters, it still wasn't amazing as Crash's. If I had to pick a scene, no doubt would I choose the Koreantown convenient store scene. One of the best I have seen.

I am shocked that this movie was on limited release. If you want to explore a new topic in illegal immigration, with good performances and recognizable actors then this movie is definitely worth the rent. The overall message of this movie is pro-immigration, but it is an interesting and emotional ride to catch a glimpse of the hard and sacrificial life of an immigrant. Start your free trial.

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Crossing Over

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sense of "to go across" is from c. Change from one field or affiliation to another, as in Graham Greene crossed over from the Anglican to the Roman Catholic Church , or If he doesn't run I'm going to cross over to the Democratic Party. Also, cross over to the other side. Die, as in It's a year since my grandmother crossed over to the other side.

In addition to the idioms beginning with cross. The guard crossed the child at the traffic light. Cross at the intersection. Don't be cross with me. They were at cross purposes with each other. Also cross over to the other side. And so, let me draw the cell right over here. A couple of things happen.

cross over

The nuclear membrane begins to dissolve. This is very similar to prophase when we're looking at mitosis.

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Definition of cross over in the Idioms Dictionary. cross over phrase. What does cross over expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. A fanfiction in which several fandoms interact with one another. Cross-overs largely involve time travel and interdimensional travel to meld two different fandoms.

So the nuclear envelope begins to dissolve. These things start to maybe migrate a little bit. So these characters are trying to go at different ends. And the DNA starts to bunch up into kind of its condensed form.


So now I can draw it. So now I can start to draw it as proper. So this is the one from the father right over here. And this is the one from the mother. And I'm drawing, I'm overlapping on purpose because something very interesting happens especially in meiosis. So it's the mother right over here.

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Let's now do the centromere in blue now. Now this is the shorter ones from the father. These are the shorter ones from the mother.

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And actually, let me just do draw them on opposite sides just to show that they don't have to, the ones from the father aren't always on the left hand side. So this is the shorter one from the father. They couldn't be all on the left hand side but doesn't this all they have to be. And this is the shorter one from the mother.

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And I will draw this overlapping although they could have. Shorter one from the mother. And once again, each of these, this is a homologous pair, that's a homologous pair over there. Now, the DNA has been replicated so in each of the chromosomes in a homologous pair, you have two sister chromatids. And so, in this entire homologous pair, you have four chromatids. And so, this is sometimes called a tetrad.

So let me just give ourselves some terminology. So this right over here is called a tetrad or often called a tetrad. Now, the reason why I drew this overlapping is when we are in prophase I in meiosis I.


The Land of the Dead, as described way too many times in the book, is a place where the dead people go and they become unacknowledged bumps on a log. What's the difference between "to cross the road" and "to cross over the road"? So this one, we'll now have a little piece from the mother. I crossed the road just to smell the roses. This is definitely worth looking for when it comes out. All the time, there couldn't be recombination and often times it can lead to kind of non-optimal things, nonsense code and DNA. It would be a totally different story if this was an adult fiction book.

Let me label this. This is prophase I. You can get some genetic recombination, some homologous recombination. Once again, this is homologous pair. One chromosome from the father that I've gotten from the father. The species or the cell got it from its father's cell and one from the mother. They might contain different base pairs, different actual DNA, but they code for the same genes. Over simplification, but in a similar place on each of these it might code for eye color or I don't know, personality. Nothing is that simple in how tall you get and it's not that simple in DNA but just to give you an idea of how it is.

And the reason why I overlapped them like this is to show how the recombination can occur. So actually, let me zoom in. So this is the one from the father. Once again, it's on the condensed form. This is one chromosome made up of two sister chromatids right over here. And I drew the centromere, not to be confused with centrosomes. That's where they are, those sister chromatids are attached. And then, I will draw the homologous chromosome from the mother. So the homologous chromosome from the mother just like that. Homologous chromosome from the mother. And the recombination can occur at a point right over here.

So after you're done with the recombination, this side might look something more like this. So let me draw it like this. So, they essentially break up and they swap those little sections.

Crossing Over by Anna Kendall

There's one way to think about it. So this one, we'll now have a little piece from the mother. It might code for similar genes.