How to Laugh

How to Laugh. Laughter really may be the best medicine. It provides a vigorous workout to tighten your stomach and strengthen your heart, and. How to Have a Stunning Laugh. Not only does everyone have their own personal laugh, that laugh can change depending on what they're laughing about.

Here are two funny movies I would definitely recommend:. Read a Funny Book. Here are two funny books you can get started with:. More specifically, get a dog. Dogs make us laugh because.

Play Fun Games With Friends. Playing competitive party-style games with a group of friends you enjoy hanging out with will have you laughing in no time. There are lots of games you can choose from, including the following:. Learn to Laugh at Yourself. Most of us take ourselves too seriously, which limits our ability to find the humor in difficult situations. In addition, it can make us uptight and overly sensitive to what other people may be thinking of us.

22 Ways to Laugh More

If you decide that you're going to laugh more, make yourself laugh at least once every day. Did this article help you? To laugh even more, watch funny YouTube videos, read books by comedians, and spend time around people with a sense of humor similar to yours. Many of us have a routine that we follow every morning to help set us up to have a great day. Think back to the last time you enjoyed a deep, sincere laugh after hearing a joke.

Learning to laugh at yourself takes some of the pressure off, and it will allow you to be more authentic and vulnerable both of which are desirable character traits. Here are two ways learn how to laugh at yourself:. Take Up Something New. And, since in the point above you learned how to laugh at yourself, taking up something new is very likely to result in lots of laughs. Have a Favorite Comic Strip.

When I need a pick-me up I grab the pile of books, sprawl out on my bed, and look through them. Before the site Squidoo went belly up, I had a Squidoo lens that I used to collect the funny stuff that I found online. This included YouTube videos, images, jokes, quotes, and so on. Although Squidoo no longer exists, you can do something similar with Pinterest. Start a Pinterest board and every time you find something funny as you browse the web, pin it to your board. Family members are a great source for funny comebacks and sayings.

Start a scrapbook to collect the funny things your family does and the things they say. This will make you more aware of their funny moments, which will make you appreciate them more. Here are some to get you started:. When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

Laughter is a lot more than simply the response to a joke or something funny. Laughter is an important part of human emotional communication. The human brain is capable of determining the difference between a real and a fake laugh. We do this in an attempt to understand why someone would need to perform a fake laugh. Laughter is most definitely contagious. Laugh to relieve pain. Laughter has actually been shown to reduce the amount of certain stress hormones in your body like: And it increases certain types of healthy hormones like endorphins.

Laughing also increases blood flow which, in turn, increases a sense of relaxation. Enhance your relationships with laughter. Laughter is a social behaviour.

Almost Every Type of Laughing

It brings humans together and makes people more relaxed around each other. Plus, laughing can help reduce or eliminate anger and anxiety, which in turn can help bring about moments of intimacy. Men, on the other hand, tend to be the ones attempting to make women laugh by saying something funny or witty — or really stupid, which could have the same effect! As people get older they tend to laugh less. Older people also tend to respond less to tickling.

How to Laugh More – 22 Ways to Bring More Laughter into Your Life

What if everyone laughs when I laugh, except for two women who think my laugh is annoying? If everyone else is laughing, it's significantly more likely to be the women's problem, not yours. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Some people will think it's cute, but other people might find it annoying.

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Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5. Does it work fine and give a good impression if I use a wide range of different laughs? Or should I settle on one signature one and use it the most often?

How to Have a Stunning Laugh (with Pictures) - wikiHow

That's up to you -- use whatever laugh you feel confident and satisfied with, and know that you are beautiful in every way! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I show my teeth and lift my nose when I laugh honestly. When I try to minimize these issues, I feel that my laugh isn't genuine.

Think back to the last time you enjoyed a deep, sincere laugh after hearing a joke. Did you laugh in the middle of the story, or was your natural response to a joke at the end of the anecdote? More likely than not, your laughter came at the end. This is "the punctuation effect: If you try to force a laugh while someone is still telling the joke, it will come across as fake or forced. Instead, wait until the end of the joke which is usually where the punchline comes in any way. Practice the belly laugh. This will add some breathiness to your laugh and make it seem more genuine.

Try laughing while lying down, with a hand on your stomach, and notice how it moves and contracts when you laugh. Practice laughing on your own. A well-practiced laugh will feel and appear more natural than a fake laugh attempted on the spot. That's because the human body recognizes its own muscular responses to laughter.

Try raising your eyebrows to initiate laughter.


Some people find that raising the eyebrows helps kickstart a bout of laughter. This is caused, in part, by the contortions of the face that take place during real, deep belly laughter. Not only will this get you used to the process, but it will allow to determine which ones work best to provoke laughter. Laughing can be tough. Try letting your guard down around people who other's find funny. If you are relaxed, whenever they say something, don't think of it as literal.

Also, there are a lot of funny and safe videos online to try watching. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8. How come I only crack up laughing when I'm sad, but when I'm happy, it's harder for me to laugh? Some people only laugh when they are nervous. Try to surround yourself with comical people to bring a new sense of laughter into your life. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. If you can move your facial muscles and make noise, then you are capable of laughing, even if it's fake.

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