Love Worth Finding: The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Philosophy of Preaching

I especially can identify with the struggles that other pastors face. Unfortunately this book is written a lot like a Eulogy — even though it was written before Rogers passed away. A life full of nothing but successes, victories, grand tributes, and accolades.

See a Problem?

It reads a lot like a fairy tale — A Pastoral Utopia. There is one major hardship that Joyce writes about early in the book — the loss of one of their children to SIDS.

This was actually the one time in the book where I could identify with this couple. I could identify with their pain, loss, and suffering. But even this episode was glossed over. In my own experience of the pastorate with real men and women life consists of hills and valleys — and there are usually more valleys to go through than hills — this book has one valley and the rest is about all the hills.

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This may be encouraging to some who read it. Honestly, there was precious little to help the average pastor in this book.

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It read more like the highlights of the greatest pastor of the 20th Century. There were very few things that most pastors could actually relate to.

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It would be the equivalent of a struggling baseball player trying to figure out how to be a better baseball player and reading a biography of Babe Ruth which only highlighted and focused on all his home runs — without ever talking about any of his strike outs — and how he handled his hitting slumps.

I think this section is very helpful and worth the price of the book.

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching? What is the difference between preaching and unction?

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What is the nature and central place of preaching? Is Jesus Christ central to preaching?

I think this book will be especially interesting for pastors or would-be pastors. Love Worth Finding also reveals the heart of the philosophy of Adrian Rogers' preaching. Understanding this facet to Adrian is to understand much about his love and passion, and why his life's call has been to the pulpit.

Love Worth Finding: The Life Of Adrian Rogers by Joyce Rogers (B115)

Adrian's answering that call has impacted millions of souls and will continue to reap a harvest for the Kingdom for generations to come. The last section of this book features answers to questions that were posed to Dr. Rogers regarding preaching, pastoring and the ministry. You will find an eye opening look at how he prepared his sermons and his overall philosophy of ministry.

Love Worth Finding: The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Philosophy of Preaching

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A great tool for young preachers, or old preachers who want to go deeper. Love Worth Finding is a tremendous ministry created by Adrian Rogers. He was my pastor via television and radio when I or one of my children were too sick to go to church. He was a Godly man on the same scale as Rev.

Morally impeccable and humble, what every man of God should be! The book was a very interesting read because I'm fascinated with his ministry and his testimony. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good biography. This book was a gift that I gave to my husband for Christmas. He raved so much about it saying that it being written with such great details accounting for his life and written by his wife that he feels everyone should read this book. Adrian Rogers was a great spiritual man.