Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict

The book tends to self-pity and suffers from a lack of depth. I have no doubt the author felt her suffering very deeply, but she somehow couldn't convey that depth in her writing. Jan 27, Suzanne rated it it was ok. The beginning had potential and it did hook me in.

Diary Of A Sex Addict

I didn't like the delivery. As a previous review stated it simply went "I was sad, I exercised, I got thin, mom got worried. Jun 06, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Accurate description of the madness of exercise addiction and the frequency of relapse. However, the writing is a bit jumpy and I would have preferred more in depth discussion regarding the factors leading to her ultimate recovery. Aug 24, Anastacia rated it did not like it Shelves: I couldn't even finish this book, it was so bad.

Nov 19, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Smart, wrenching, gorgeously written memoir by poet Peach Friedman. This was pretty bad. After over 10 years of wanting to read this, I am utterly disappointed. This girl was so annoying. So stuck up and has no idea of money and just spends it like crazy thinking it's fine to do because her mother will pay for stuff she needs. Plus the scary thing is that she actually now works with others suffering from Eating Disorders. It's like she gloats about having anorexia.

She gets disappointed when people don't show concern about her 1 star. She gets disappointed when people don't show concern about her weight which in all honesty is probably a very secret truth that alot of ED patients think, though not everyone. It just made it worse! I should have not just listened to the other reviews on here but I should have fully believed in them and never paid for this book.

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I want a refund! I do not recommend this. Oct 09, Izlinda rated it really liked it Shelves: The writing style was quite different from Marya's Wasted. Not quite as florid, but it did still get poetic at some parts. I don't know if this is her looking back completely or if she had journals from these years to "reference" and be a little more exact. Some of the time-jumping around it's separated by dates, either exact days or month, year confused me, or the references to the future where she'd write "but I didn't know that I'd be donating these clothes to my teenager sister" or somethi The writing style was quite different from Marya's Wasted.

Some of the time-jumping around it's separated by dates, either exact days or month, year confused me, or the references to the future where she'd write "but I didn't know that I'd be donating these clothes to my teenager sister" or something like that. Peach didn't go a lot in exacts of her anorexia for example, no mention of her exact weight at all, as far as I remember or her exercise bulimia she'd sometimes say how far she ran, and she would say how often, but her workout in the gym was never specific.

I actually wavered between a 3 and a 4 for this star. The style wasn't really one I preferred but the focus on her emotions and admitting she relapsed several times was good. It was interesting that she became a personal trainer, and for her, that didn't cause her to fall back, but helped her improve. It sounds a little too happy-happy at the end, but considering that years had passed, maybe I'm being cynical. Peach mentioned her anorexia was a way to numb and deaden her feelings and when she was recovering, that's when she got really depressed. She had to deal with all the problems that led to her anorexic and compulsive exercising behaviors, it all came to the forefront.

Mmm, that was interesting to consider. Also she struck home the point that getting to the point of full recovery takes years, I believe she said yrs on average?

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And that for a majority of them, they don't fully recover I do wish more had been said about her younger sister, though. I understand the author may be concerned about privacy, but I am really curious about what Tor told her about how seeing Peach affected her. I'm not going to believe the brief statements she mentioned were all there was, and it was more gut-wrenching than that Usually, the younger the girl develops the eating disorder, the more difficult it is to recover, because she hasn't lived enough years to have an identity outside of that.

I consider myself fortunate that I developed my eating disorder later, as a young adult. I had already lived through high school as a wild, spirited girl with an identity that had nothing to do with restriction, self-hatred or thinness. In my recovery, this meant that I had previous experience to show me that there really is life outside of an eating disorder. I encourage my clients now to learn to identify outside their eating disorders and outside their bodies. It can help to look at your friends and family and learn to see their identities as separate from their sizes.

If you make a list of what you love about your best friend or mother, it probably wouldn't include her size or weight. Learning to see this same value in myself has helped me accept my natural body size. I am many things, and I'm house in a body.

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Oct 08, DebHo rated it really liked it. In Diary of an Exercise Addict Peach Friedman excerpts pages of her diary over a seven year span from being "healthy and normal" to slipping into an eating disorder ultimately leading to an exercise bulimia and her struggle to get out of it and back to "normal". Her total honesty frankness make this book easy to read and understand her struggles. Little parts of her daily routine are chipped away over a year time span until she is full blown anorexic and has developed exercise bulimia.

Reading h In Diary of an Exercise Addict Peach Friedman excerpts pages of her diary over a seven year span from being "healthy and normal" to slipping into an eating disorder ultimately leading to an exercise bulimia and her struggle to get out of it and back to "normal". Reading her diary you don't realize how bad the disease is until she is faced with it head on and forced to go to counseling and deal with her emotions that have been numbed by the disease.

It is amazing to read how easy it is to fall into the pattern of an exercise and eating disorder and how much more time and energy it takes to get out of it. There are parts of this book that every girl can relate to forcing you to face some of the issues that Peach is confronted with as well. Overall, I liked this book and felt that it was a quick read. It turned out to be a little more of a self-help book for me than I had intended, but we all need to work on things in our life so this was hard but nice. I leave you with an excerpt Peach writes when she is well again and her reflecting on the past.

I had just been flipping through photographs from my life with Christopher on a short hike from the car to the coast in Oregon that summer of our Pacific road trip, in I really did that? What does it feel like to kiss a man?

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Oct 27, Arminzerella rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Peach Friedman was in her early 20s when she developed an unhealthy relationship with her body. She took things too far, however, dieti Peach Friedman was in her early 20s when she developed an unhealthy relationship with her body. She took things too far, however, dieting down to an unhealthy thinness her mother, too, had battled anorexia in her youth and becoming obsessed with counting calories burned by her intense workouts she subjected her body to strenuous exercise several times a day.

She sought treatment after friends and family encouraged her to talk to someone — Peach, too, began to fear that her obsessions were unhealthy — and her nutritionist, Anne, and therapists helped her work through her problems and fears. It took Peach several years to fully recover from her exercise addiction, and, as a personal trainer, she still has to be conscious of her predisposition to push herself to extremes.

Having abused her body with excessive exercise for many years, Peach has several overuse injuries that she has to pamper sore knees, strained shoulder — another pitfall of exercise addiction. Although she does regress from time to time through her recovery, she makes real progress toward health and happiness which is often not the case for others who are in her situation. This short and engaging memoir will introduce readers to a lesser known eating disorder, that is likely more widespread than people realize.

Nov 28, Annie rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was a disappointment. I picked it up because I enjoy exercising and wanted to see where it turned into a compulsion for this girl. She also included some diary entries which made no sense to me half the time. In one part of the book, he does indeed revisit paper diaries he kept several years prior, which tell of a time when he felt truly in love; a love he had to abandon.

The narrator's past, revealed in vivid glimpses, helps explain his dangerous and uncomfortable behavior. While addiction even of the NYC-centered gay sex variety is universal, this novel is so highly specific that one has to wonder if the author has based his fearlessly detailed portrait on personal experience.

Whether fact or fiction, the vibe here is wholly authentic and NOT just for shock. And although dark, the writing is steeped in humor, particularly when the narrator meets new partners with strange and completely ridiculous fetishes. Between a guy who's obsessed with jock straps to blind Sally at the clinic where he works to the homeless men he meets in the park to the celibate photographer who piques his interest and unintentionally convinces him to try going sex-free, there is simply a never a dull moment. The writing is dripping with luscious prose and bluntly erotic overtones, as well as undertones, as the narrator ducks in and out of risque escapades and that nasty, ever-persistent black hole.

One person found this helpful. Anything but arousing, the narrator's descent into a disturbing, ever more destructive vortex of sex and violence is at the same time horrifying and impossible to put down. Using prose that is by always vivid and imaginative, by turns exquisite and brutal, Hess skillfully weaves into a tapestry of soul-killing sexual escapades the narrator's nostalgic yearning the one truly intimate relationship he ever enjoyed. In the tradition of Bret Easton Ellis, this is a tour-de-force not to be missed, except perhaps by the faint of heart.

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DIARY OF A GENRE ADDICT: The Archive GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS VOLUME 1 emi-takahashi.com html. All of which has lead the shared comic book movie universe throne .. As I bid farewell at last to Diary Of A Genre Addict, I shall go and do the.

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Further, it seems there are more heroin addicts coming out of prison than going in. This is because of both random and compulsory checks in which the inmates have discovered cannabis does not leave the system any time soon, but heroin is flushed out of the body in 24 hours providing large quantities of water have been consumed.

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