Sigurð the Valiant

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Join the fight as two kids a put in a precarious situation where the system wants to grind them down. In a system that tells them that their beliefs must not exist. Sigurð the Valiant: Planting the Seeds of Revolution [Benjamin Richard Long] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Young people join together.

Valiant Art added 6 new photos to the album Spontanious Shots. Valiant Art added 6 new photos — with Amy Fahdy. It was first broadcast as part of year-end blooper reel in A British farmer who grew what he believed to be the world's largest cabbage turned out to be hard of hearing and possibly a little tipsy, having just returned from the local pub.

After several failed attempts to get a clear answer out of the man, an exasperated Frum exclaims through barely contained laughter: Shuttleworth said he taps the notes out on his two front teeth using his thumbnail while changing the shape of its mouth to alter the tune. Asked how he came about this unique talent, he said: Olsen planned to eat Mike the chicken for dinner one evening in Instead, he spent the next year feeding the fowl through its severed neck with an eye-dropper.

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When Sigurdur Hjartarson's spoke to Off in August about his quest to find a human penis for his Icelandic Phallological Museum, he already had three prospective donors lined up. A year-old "famous womanizer" from Iceland, a British TV personality and a German photographer all promised to donate their members posthumously.

Audiomachine - The Final Hour

But one American man said he would have his penis removed before he died and shipped to Hjartarson. To sweeten the deal, he promised to have it tattooed with the U.

Fowl-mouthed nurse revives family chicken

Check out James' incredible work on jamesaiken. On the Wind is presented by Rutgerson Marine. Fredrik Molin is another something out sailing the world on his own terms.

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We've met several like-minded young people this summer in the Arctic, and it's super inspiring to me to know they're out there - we just gotta look in the colder places apparently. After building a successful career as a sommolier and chef, opening and later selling his own restaurant in Bergen, Fredrik needed a new challenge.

With some adventurous and at times crazy friends, he taught himself how to sail and then went all-in, buying a foot steel ketch and set out for Svalbard. We met him in Iceland, where Fredrik was on his way home with a young volunteer crew seeking adventure.

Sigurdur Jonsson (Husky Podcast) // Iceland & Greenland

On the Wind is presented by Rutgerson Marin. Click here to refresh the feed. Spots open in - go to north.

Andy tells the whole story. Read more on north.

From talking pigs to space politicians, here’s to 50 years of keeping radio weird

Rick was a crew member on four consecutive Whitbread Races, and literally invented the modern concept of onboard reporter.